Product Review: Bodyglide

It’s on my mind today since I just used the last of my Bodyglide stick, and it struck me how it has become a valuable part of my running toolkit.   I’ve always dealt with foot blisters, and through trial and error, the combination of wearing Injinji Tetrasoks and using Bodyglide on my feet has served me well.

I’m not sure exactly what this stuff is made of, and it tastes freaking terrible (don’t ask why I know this), but for the most part, it lives up to it’s manufacturer’s claims.  Bodyglide provides a nice friction barrier for those “hot spots” you get, particularly on feet and toes, and sometimes around other body parts where gear or skin mixed with moisture produces friction.  The product comes in a stick format, much like deodorant, that makes for easy application in a variety of places.

One issue I have had with the product is the claim of  stainlessness.  When used for nipple protection (pretty much a guy only issue), I’ve found shirts develop a quite unattractive half-dollar sized brownish stain right above the nipple area.  Not terribly cool.  Good thing I’m not out to pick up the chicks…  Anyway, after contacting them via email and twitter, soaking the shirts in water with a temperature of 160F or above got the stains right out by melting the Bodyglide.  Perhaps I could avoid this by not leaving my nasty sweaty clothes in my gym bag in my car after lunch runs, but that’s another story.  Regardless, the people at Bodyglide were quite quick and polite at helping me through the issue to my satisfaction.

Since I’ve started using it, they’ve introduced a whole line of additional products that I haven’t tried yet.  These additional products seem to target individual or specific applications or needs (Bodyglide for Her, Bodyglide for Feet) that could possible be solved equally well with the original product.  However, given my need, the Bodyglide for Feet is something I’ll most likely try.

Overall, I would recommend giving this a try if you have blistering or chafing issues.  For the most part it’s a product that does exactly what it says it does, for a reasonable price, and THAT is something us runners need more of…

  1. Interesting review. I’ve always been curious how well the BodyGlide works because I routinely have problems with blisters and chafing between my thighs. I found that petroleum jelly works for me but I may consider giving BodyGlide a shot after reading your review. Thanks for the info!

    • The issue I have with petroleum jelly is that I never seem to be able to get it off my clothes later on! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Thanks for the post, Jay! I’ve got the stain problem in my tech shirts and regular detergent doesn’t work to take it out. My wife will be quite pleased if your solution works and I don’t have to go buy another expensive tech shirt.

    • So, Marc, did it work?

      • I found that for the set in BG stains, it didn’t work on it’s own. But, the combination of hot water and a 1:1 solution of Simple Green sprayed on the shirt before washing seems to have done the trick.

  3. Nice review. Body Glide stains like crazy. I now have Hooter shirts of all colors…I will have to try the hot water. I started using New Skin. One coat for 5 miles and two for Marathons. Put it on the night before or 5 minutes before…it doesn’t matter. My wife coined the phrase and I sent it in to New Skin…TenderBuds. Of course no response was recieved. Below is a story about chafing with a bit of self humiliation tied into it.

    • Steph
    • August 9th, 2012

    Hey! Try Slki, from Skin Strong… Its way better than Body glide.. It is easier to use and less messy because its a spray.

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    • Chris
    • November 3rd, 2015

    Do you still run? Have you heard of BlisterShield by 2Toms?

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